Democrats Energized By Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s Bold Start in General Election

Albuquerque, N.M. – Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, released the following statement after after the kickoff of Maggie Toulouse Oliver’s early television ad blitz, which began Tuesday evening.

“Our last Secretary of State went to jail. It’s embarrassing and New Mexico deserves better. We need a Secretary of State who is qualified, has the highest ethical standards, and will work to help New Mexico families have full faith and trust in our government again. That person is unequivocally Maggie Toulouse Oliver.

“By kicking-off the general election with an aggressive push for tough new ethics laws, Maggie is running this campaign on her own terms, proposing real solutions to the problems that have ailed the Secretary of State’s office in recent years.

“Maggie demonstrates a clear and sincere commitment to speak with each and every voter by releasing her very first ads in English and in Spanish.

“The Democratic Party of New Mexico looks forward to working closely with Maggie throughout her grassroots campaign and to electing a strong Democratic woman as our next Secretary of State.”

The Democratic Party of New Mexico will be supporting Toulouse Oliver and ensuring that her message of reform and change resonates throughout the state in the coming days and weeks.

Maggie’s ads are available at the links below:

Clean up


Limpiar (Spanish language)