Will Governor Martinez Stand Up For New Mexico’s Judges & Denounce Trump’s Attack on Judicial Officials with Hispanic Heritage?

Albuquerque, N.M. – The Democratic Party of New Mexico called on Governor Susana Martinez to stand up for New Mexico’s many qualified Hispanic judges and denounce Donald Trump’s remarks about disqualifying a judge presiding over the Trump University class action lawsuits on the basis of his Hispanic heritage. A number of Republican Party officials denounced Donald Trump’s comments Tuesday–Governor Martinez has yet to comment.

“New Mexico has a historical heritage of electing and appointing judges with Hispanic backgrounds. Governor Martinez, as the elected head of the executive branch, as a licensed member of the New Mexico Bar, and as a human being has a moral and professional obligation to support our judicial system and our judges and denounce Mr. Trump’s comments. To suggest that the heritage of a judge may affect that judge’s impartially is beyond ridiculous. Mr. Trump clearly does not understand what a conflict of interest is, and he has insulted the members of the bench and bar here in New Mexico and across the nation who are of Hispanic descent. The fact that Governor Martinez continues to entertain the idea of endorsing Mr. Trump as the Republican nominee, in light of his xenophobic and racist comments, is telling of her own lack of understanding of her duties as a Governor and an attorney. All New Mexicans deserve to have our Governor support the members of the judiciary, regardless of their backgrounds because it is the right thing to do, not because it may be politically convenient of her to do so. To do any less is to support the decisive politics of hate the is the cornerstone of the Trump campaign.” said Robert Lara, attorney and Treasurer of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Recently, Governor Martinez’s office released a statement saying the Governor was open to meeting with Donald Trump. Governor Martinez has had opportunities to denounce Trump, instead she confirmed that she will be attending the Republican National Convention, ran to be and national delegate, and was elected as a voting delegate to the convention.

Governor Martinez affirmed that she will not be supporting former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, which leaves the door open for a Trump endorsement in the future, but she continues to avoid giving a straight answer.