DPNM Statement on the New Mexico 2016 Primary

Albuquerque, N.M. – The Democratic Party of New Mexico issued the following statement on the New Mexico 2016 primary:

“Democratic voters turned out in record numbers in this primary election, and it’s a sign that our candidates are energizing voters across the state. Volunteers made phone calls, knocked on doors, and made sure their friends and family made their voices heard–without them we would not have seen so much excitement around this primary.

“Democrats have momentum moving into the general election and we will continue to make sure voters know what’s at stake in this election. With Donald Trump running for President on the Republican side, the New Mexico GOP endorsing Trump, and Republican candidates in New Mexico taking his lead, the contrast couldn’t clearer.  The Democratic Party of New Mexico has strong candidates up and down the ballot that are fighting for things that matter, like jobs, education, accountability in government, and safe communities.”

The results for the New Mexico primary will be updated and available here.