DPNM Chairwoman Debra Haaland Thanks First Lady Michelle Obama for Focus on Education in Our Tribal Communities

Santa Fe, N.M. – Today, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and member of Laguna Pueblo Debra Haaland thanked First Lady Michelle Obama for highlighting Santa Fe Indian School and focusing on education in our tribal communities. The first lady delivered the commencement address at the Santa Fe Indian School today.

“The graduates of Santa Fe Indian School worked hard to get to this point, and today, the first lady honored those efforts by delivering the commencement address at their graduation. Her speech will surely inspire students to go forward and become future leaders of their tribal communities and of our state.”

Chairwoman Haaland also credited President Obama for his initiatives to engage tribal communities.

“President Obama has consistently worked to ensure tribes have a seat at the table and that decisions affecting our communities are made with our input. The President’s efforts are unprecedented and should serve as model for future administrations on how to approach tribal governments and the issues our tribes face day to day.”

The first lady’s participation in the Santa Fe Indian School’s commencement is part of President Obama’s White House Generation Indigenous Initiative, which focuses on improving the lives of Native youth through new investments and increased engagement. This initiative takes a comprehensive, cultural approach to ensure all young Native people can reach their full potential.

The Santa Fe Indian School is owned and operated by the 19 Pueblos and is a leader in Native American education.