DPNM Debra Haaland Statement on Lt. Governor John Sanchez’s Ploy to Line Pockets with Campaign Cash

Albuquerque, N.M. – Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman and former candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released the following statement after an investigative report revealed Lt. Governor John Sanchez filtered campaign cash into his own pockets.

“Lieutenant Governor John Sanchez putting campaign money into his own pockets shows a basic disrespect for the New Mexicans who donated their hard-earned dollars to his campaign,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and former candidate for Lt. Governor. “I’ve run for the office, and I know how important being frugal with campaign dollars is. Making every dollar count and ensuring you are using each donation with New Mexico in mind is so important. It’s clear that Lt. Governor Sanchez only had himself in mind when he decided to pay himself from his campaign.”

KOB4 reported that Sanchez personally received $43,000 in rent payments from January 2013 through November 2014 from his campaign on a building that housed his own business.