Democratic Party of New Mexico: It’s a Shame Governor Martinez Will Be Honest with High-Dollar Donors, Not New Mexico

Governor Martinez’s comments at billionaire David Koch’s house in Florida do not match her actions

Albuquerque, N.M. – After multiple calls for Governor Martinez to come clean and be honest with New Mexico about who she stands with for the Republican nomination, the Governor revealed her thoughts behind closed doors at billionaire David Koch’s home. The Democratic Party of New Mexico came out against her dishonesty with New Mexico.

“Governor Susana Martinez just showed us that she feels comfortable being honest with high-dollar donors behind closed doors, but not with New Mexico—she obviously has her priorities mixed up,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland. “It’s interesting that Governor Martinez says she cares about immigrants when she ran on a record of taking away licenses from immigrants, which would hurt families across the state. Her words don’t match her actions.”

Governor Susana Martinez endorsed Marco Rubio in Florida two weeks before he suspended his campaign, and had since dodged questions from reporters and refused to tell New Mexico who she supports for the Republican nomination.

The Washington Post, today, revealed the Governor’s thoughts on the nomination stating “The comments were a remarkably strong rebuke of the GOP front-runner by Martinez, who has been publicly circumspect about his candidacy since the GOP contest began.”