DPNM Statement on Independent Audit Revealing Mismanagement in Governor’s Office

The Democratic Party of New Mexico released the following statement after an independent audit found that Governor Susana Martinez’s office did not return funds left over from her notorious pizza party last year to the state’s general fund.

“I’m not surprised that this independent audit found a mismanagement of funds on behalf of the Governor’s office,” said Debra Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “Under the leadership of Governor Martinez and House Republicans, our economy has suffered tremendously; New Mexico is ranked one of the worst-run states. The misuse of funds in this case is just an indication of a larger problem the Governor and Republicans have created for our economy—they put their parties, their office funds, and their corporate donors before the needs of New Mexicans.”

In December 2015, Governor Martinez hosted a holiday party at the El Dorado Hotel Santa Fe using money from the contingency fund. The party made national news when Governor Martinez responded to a noise complaint inappropriately threatening hotel staff and dispatchers.