Democratic Party of New Mexico Slams Governor Susana Martinez after Attorney General Balderas Clears Final NM Behavioral Health Providers

After N.M. Attorney General Hector Balderas cleared the final two New Mexico behavioral and mental health providers of allegations brought against them by Governor Susana Martinez, Democratic Party of New Mexico leaders Debra Haaland and Juan Sanchez III slammed Governor Martinez for disrupting behavioral and mental health services to some of New Mexico’s most vulnerable residents in the interest of out-of-state companies.

“New Mexico has suffered enough at the hands of Governor Susana Martinez and state Republicans. This latest development reveals a blatant misuse of power on behalf of the governor, that caused many in our state to live without the vital services they need and put New Mexicans out of work,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland. “Attorney General Hector Balderas has worked diligently to complete these investigations, and as we move forward, it’s time to investigate the actions of the governor.”

“Governor Susana Martinez’ behavioral health shakeup has been unraveling since the day she wrongly accused New Mexico’s behavioral health care providers of fraud. Her efforts put the interests of corporations first and the health and well-being of New Mexicans last,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice-Chair Juan Sanchez III. “All of the pain and suffering caused to New Mexico families could have been avoided—it caused some of our most vulnerable residents to go without the services they need, forced some of our longest-standing providers to close their doors, and put hundreds of health care professionals out of work. Governor Martinez needs to answer for this.”

In 2013, Governor Susana Martinez brought allegations of fraud against 15 New Mexico behavioral and mental health providers causing a serious deficit in behavioral and mental health services across the state. As of today, New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas cleared all 15 of those providers of wrongdoing, revealing the needless disruption in service caused by the administration.

Governor Martinez brought in five out-of-state companies to provide services on $17 million in contracts. Since then, three of the five providers announced they will be leaving the state. The most recent, Agave Health Inc., had just posted 26 job openings in New Mexico and will be leaving in the next 90 days. Its departure will also cause approximately 3,000 patients to lose access to health services New Mexico.

The Arizona companies brought in by Governor Susana Martinez have been linked to some of the Governor’s top campaign donors revealing a pay-to-play scandal.