DGA Launches 2016 Trump Tracker Website

GovTrumpTracker.com Allows Voters to Learn Gov Candidates’ Stances on Trump

Republican Governors Association Chair Susana Martinez Refuses to Say If She Would Support Trump

Today, the Democratic Governors Association launched a new website to help voters keep track of 2016 GOP gubernatorial candidates’ stances on Donald Trump.

The new site, www.GovTrumpTracker.com, is designed to keep tabs on gubernatorial candidates in 2016 who will likely share a ballot with Trump. For weeks now, gubernatorial candidates and their RGA Chair Susana Martinez have scrambled to answer whether they would support Trump should he win the nomination.

Martinez has repeatedly refused to answer if she would support Trump on the ballot in November and created a void of leadership that has left the field of 2016 GOP gubernatorial candidates in complete disarray over Donald Trump.

Here’s the scorecard to date:

  • 8 candidates have said they will support Trump if he wins the nomination
  • 1 candidate – Vermont’s Phil Scott – has said he will oppose Trump no matter what
  • 9 candidates have not taken a position

“Donald Trump’s success has Republican gubernatorial candidates in total panic mode and completely fractured,” said DGA Communications Director Jared Leopold. “Instead of standing up to the most divisive candidate in modern history, RGA Chair Susana Martinez has repeatedly ducked questions about supporting Trump. Gov. Martinez has created a leadership vacuum that has Martinez’s GOP gubernatorial candidates in utter disarray over Donald Trump.  

GovTrumpTracker.com enables citizens to find out if their candidates have had the courage to speak up about Trump,” Leopold added. “We look forward to updating the website as gubernatorial candidates across the country face the reality that Donald Trump is the likely Republican nominee.”  

 Political observers have been reporting for weeks on the “collateral damage” a Trump nomination would cause GOP gubernatorial candidates in 2016 and beyond. Even senior officials at the Republican Governors Association admitted Donald Trump would hurt Republican gubernatorial chances in key 2016 races: “Fred Malek, finance chairman for the Republican Governors Association and veteran party fundraiser, said a Trump nomination also could imperil his party’s chances of picking up Democratic governors’ seats in Missouri, Montana, West Virginia, Vermont and New Hampshire,” reported USA Today