Martinez Violated Her Own Transparency Pledge Before Even Taking Office, Can’t Be Trusted to Fix NM Economy

Today the Santa Fe New Mexican wrote a blistering report detailing a disturbing lack of transparency in the Governor Martinez’s inaugural committee. The report cited over $300,000 of expenses that we’re either not invoiced or for work that was never performed. Additionally, some funds were directed to Gov. Martinez’s early re-election efforts despite a public pledge that all leftover monies would go to charity. The report also disclosed emails proving that Martinez’s committee intended to keep all expenditures a secret.

“Susana Martinez was elected Governor by promising to usher in a new era of transparency. We now know that she didn’t even make it through the inauguration before intentionally abandoning that pledge. Fake companies, political attacks, and broken promises are just more of the same lack of leadership that has given New Mexico the nation’s highest unemployment rate,” said Joe Kabourek, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

You can read the Santa Fe New Mexican piece here.