DPNM: Real ‘Stunt’ in Behavioral Health Crisis is Martinez Admin’s Hiding Info from Investigators

Administration Has Played Political Games with Health Care Services for 3 Years

In response to the New Mexico Human Services Department’s allegation that widespread calls for an investigation into Gov. Susana Martinez’s dismantling of the state’s behavioral health system were nothing more than a “partisan stunt,” the Democratic Party of New Mexico on Monday said the real “stunt” was the Martinez Administration’s continuing efforts to hide information and mislead the public.

72d5d1cf-71e2-444e-8246-2680fc7fda20“If the Martinez Administration wants to talk about stunts, let’s talk about their handing over to the investigators a copy of the behavioral health audit report only after they had redacted the statement that clearly said there was no pattern of fraud,” said Joe Kabourek, Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director. “If shamelessly leaving thousands without the care they need in order to hand millions over to campaign donors isn’t a political stunt, I don’t know what is. New Mexicans are still paying the price for the games the governor played with their health care.”

The Democratic Party further said that the Martinez Administration’s entire handling of the situation was a carefully orchestrated political stunt to cut care, close local providers and hand over lucrative contracts to out-of-state corporate campaign contributors.

“The 30,000 New Mexicans whose care was disrupted by Gov. Susana Martinez’s decision to shut down the state’s behavioral health system don’t care who’s a Democrat or who’s a Republican,” said Kabourek. “They just want answers and they want the care they need to manage their addiction or depression or other devastating health condition so that they can get up in the morning and be part of their families and their communities. To say that our duly elected, federal representatives’ call for an investigation is a “partisan stunt” is an insult to the at-risk teens who lost their counseling and the mothers who can no longer find services for their children. The only political stunt here was Gov. Susana Martinez’s choice to take local care away from New Mexico families in order to line the pockets of her out-of-state corporate campaign contributors.”