Duran Request for Probation Changes Are Latest Example of Martinez or Crony Asking for Special Treatment

DPNM Says Former Secretary of State Should Not Be Above Law

The Democratic Party of New Mexico on Friday slammed former Secretary of State Dianna Duran’s request to change the conditions of her probation as yet another example of Gov. Susana Martinez or one of her cronies asking for special treatment.

“Dianna Duran was convicted of corruption and duly sentenced for her crimes,” said Joe Kabourek, Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director. “She is not above the law. Rather than trying to get special treatment for herself, Duran should be working with the community as her sentence requires.”

As part of Duran’s plea agreement for charges of corruption, the judge in the case ordered Duran to make four appearances each month at community events to talk about government ethics and her violations of public trust.

Duran made the first such appearance this week, but, according to media reports, she arrived 40 minutes late and spoke for only five minutes.

“Whether it’s bullying law enforcement officers or trying to get off easier on corruption charges, Gov. Susana Martinez and her cronies think they are above the law,” Kabourek said. “Every New Mexican—from our elected leaders to our neighbors—must follow the law. Dianna Duran and Susana Martinez should not ask for—nor should they be given—special treatment. In our state, everyone is equal. Public officials, like everyone else, must be held accountable.”

News of Duran’s request broke late Friday morning.