Lack of Leadership by Martinez Leaves State with Budget that Fails Families

The Democratic Party of New Mexico on Wednesday blamed the economic crisis surrounding the approved budget— a crisis created by the lack of jobs and revenue —on the governor’s failed leadership during the legislative session and the last five years.

“Governor Susana Martinez spent the legislative session grandstanding instead of standing with New Mexico’s working families,” said Joe Kabourek, Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director. “The governor refused to help New Mexicans looking for jobs and kids hoping for a better education. Instead she put the full weight of her office behind politically motivated legislation. At the end of the day, New Mexicans need good policy, not petty politics.”

As further evidence of the political nature of this year’s budget process, Kabourek cited the governor’s refusal to even allow the Democratic jobs plan to be heard.

“This budget is based on the governor’s political plan instead of an economic plan for New Mexico,” Kabourek said. “The Democrats’ Economic Opportunity Jobs Plan would have dramatically reduced unemployment and put money in New Mexicans’ pockets, but Gov. Susana Martinez and House Republicans were not interested in debating or considering these proposals.”

The economic realities of the state were ignored by the governor, Kabourek said.

“Throughout the entire session, Gov. Susana Martinez has acted with complete disregard for the real problem at hand: our state’s economy,” Kabourek said. “Out-of-work New Mexicans need an economy that will give them an opportunity to get ahead. Instead, New Mexico is facing budget cuts and more of the same economy that works only for the wealthy few while everyday New Mexicans struggle to put food on the table.”