GOP Stands By Repeat Criminal Offender Nate Gentry, But Tries to Slam Sanchez for Defending Citizens?

DPNM: Republicans Need to Restore Public Trust in Leaders, Not Support More Criminals

The Republican Party on Wednesday tried to slam Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez for doing his job and defending his clients in a court of law, even as the Party continues to allow criminals within its own ranks, including repeat criminal offender, House Majority Whip Nate Gentry.

6c06e1ca-1003-4465-803b-056f56e27444“If the Republican Party is really concerned about the problem of repeat criminal offenders, why are they standing by Nate Gentry, who has been arrested multiple times and was on court-ordered probation as recently as 2013?” said Joe Kabourek, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Public records indicate that Gentry was arrested in 2002 for aggravated DWI [Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court, Case f#: DW80802, Filed 2/ 22/02, Dismissed 9/12/2002], charged with assault in Washington, D.C., 2000 [DC Superior Court, Case Number 2000 CMD 007521, 6/30/2000], and most recently charged with poaching in 2012.

“Nate Gentry is by definition a repeat offender,” Kabourek said. “The Republican Party would be better served by keeping repeat offenders out of their own ranks rather than attacking Leader Sanchez for helping citizens navigate the court system.”

Kabourek said, however, that the Republican Party’s support for a repeat criminal offender was not surprising given the recent string of criminal convictions and investigations involving Republican leaders.

6db6c7b4-219c-45cf-a2eb-24621a19d0c4“From former Secretary of State Dianna Duran’s conviction on corruption charges to the federal investigation of alleged abuses of power by the governor, New Mexicans are tired of crime and corruption in government,” Kabourek said. “Unfortunately criminal activity, like that of repeat criminal offender Nate Gentry, is accepted by the Republican establishment. It’s a disservice to our state.”

Further, Kabourek emphasized the hypocrisy of the Republican attack on Sanchez.

“Every New Mexican has the right to legal representation in a courtroom, but there is no right and nothing righteous about the Republican Party’s hypocrisy,” Kabourek said.