Does Martinez Still support GOP SOS Candidate Who Used Government Resources for Campaign?

The Democratic Party of New Mexico is calling on Gov. Susana Martinez on Thursday to clarify whether she still supports prospective Republican secretary of state candidate Rep. Nora Espinoza after KOB 4 revealed yesterday that Espinoza had used official government resources for her campaign.

“Does Gov. Martinez continue to support Rep. Nora Espinoza’s bid for Secretary of State?” asked Joe Kabourek, Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director. “Does Gov. Martinez condone the use of government resources for campaigning? Given the recent scandals that have plagued the Martinez Administration and the secretary of state’s office, these are important questions that deserve immediate answers.”

Gov. Susana Martinez on Wednesday sent out an email through her political action committee, SusanaPAC, urging people to support Rep. Nora Espinoza for secretary of state by helping collect the signatures legally required to place Espinoza on the ballot. At the same time, evidence surfaced showing that Espinoza was using her legislative website and contact information to support her campaign for secretary of state.

“It is very clear: Rep. Nora Espinoza was using legislative resources during the legislative session to campaign for Secretary of State,” Kabourek said. “Espinoza said herself on the radio that her legislative website was the place to go for information about her campaign. New Mexicans need a strong, ethical secretary of state. Will Gov. Martinez continue to put politics over ethics and maintain her support for Espinoza?”