New Mexico Continues to Hemorrhage Jobs as Governor Plays Politics

Martinez Focuses on Narrow Partisan Agenda While Sprint Eliminates 400 Jobs

At the end of the first week of the 2016 New Mexico Legislative Session in which Gov. Susana Martinez has focused her efforts on a narrow political agenda instead of job creation, Sprint announced that it is closing its Rio Rancho call center and eliminating the nearly 400 jobs the site provided New Mexicans.

“Instead of creating jobs, Susana Martinez has focused on protecting her own political agenda,” said Joe Kabourek, Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director. “New Mexicans need jobs, not grandstanding on driver’s licenses for immigrants. Scandals, federal investigations and partisan finger-pointing are keeping Gov. Martinez from focusing on jobs and the economy. New Mexico families are paying a high price.”

Sprint’s announcement that the nearly 20-year-old Rio Rancho facility would close in two weeks is another blow to an economy that has already been shaken by crashing oil prices, dismal jobs numbers and New Mexico’s ranking as the worst-run state in the country.

“Enough is enough,” Kabourek said. “This governor needs to stop playing games and start focusing on fixing New Mexico’s economy. Four hundred more New Mexicans will soon be without jobs. They don’t care about driver’s licenses or federal grand juries or even lavish holiday parties. They just want to know how they’re going to be able to feed their kids and pay their bills. They, like the rest of the state, are looking to Gov. Martinez to stop playing games and to start fixing our state’s problems.”