DPNM: House Republicans Hope That Smokescreen Attacks on Crime Will Divert Attention from Failure on Jobs and Schools

New Mexico Republicans today tried to divert the attention of the people of New Mexico away from the worst economic performance under their watch of any state in the nation, and a record of abysmal failure on children and K-12 education. The House GOP issued a press release attacking Senate Democrats for not having passed a handful of crime-related bills last year that failed to garner support in the Senate.

The Republican attack indicates their strategy for the Legislative Session: try to get voters to forget that GOP policies and leadership have produced last-in-the-nation job growth; the highest rate of children living in poverty in the United States; 62% of children not enrolled in pre-school; and low reading and math scores, and high drop-out rates.

“It is understandable that House Republicans want to talk about something else besides jobs and schools, which is the big elephant in the room. Under their watch, New Mexico has failed to create any jobs. Now we are last in the nation for jobs. And their education policies have hurt children and schools. These are two of the biggest challenges families in New Mexico face today. Since they have nothing to say on those issues, Republicans hope they can distract the attention of the people of New Mexico away from a very poor record, and attack Senate Democrats on something completely different. I don’t think the voters will be fooled, though,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Chairwoman Debra Haaland.