DPNM Statement in Response to Gov’s Outlining Priorities at Private, $50-per-plate Luncheon

Democratic Party of New Mexico executive director Joe Kabourek released the following statement in response to Gov. Susana Martinez’s private speech outlining her 2016 legislative priorities:

“We appreciate that Gov. Martinez acknowledged today that job creation, education and public safety must be addressed. With Susana Martinez as our governor, New Mexico has dropped to last in job creation, last in education and first in per capita violent crime. It is time that the governor takes responsibility for those problems and starts working toward real, lasting solutions.

“However, it is very troubling that after a year that saw the Secretary of State incarcerated, the governor and her adviser investigated by a federal grand jury, and her Taxation and Revenue Secretary investigated for abuse of power that Gov. Martinez still refuses to make ethics reform a priority for her and her administration.

“The governor’s choice to announce her legislative priorities at a private, $50-a-plate luncheon says it all. Money, not New Mexicans, seems to be her real priority. New Mexicans deserve better. It’s time for the governor to own up to the ethical lapses in her administration and to focus on restoring the public’s trust in its leaders.”