Gov. Literally Slams Door on Media Scrutiny

Despite New Details About Abuse of Power at Hotel Party, Gov. Hasn’t Spoken About Incident in 5 Days; Part of Administration’s Pattern of Secrecy

Gov. Susana Martinez on Tuesday again ducked questions about her apparent lies regarding the raucous behavior at her recent holiday staff party by literally having one of her staff members slam a door on a local news cameraman.

“By refusing to answer questions and slamming the door on local reporters, Gov. Susana Martinez is showing the same disdain for the public’s right to know that she showed for the law enforcement officers doing their jobs in response to complaints about her raucous late-night party at the Eldorado Hotel,” said Joe Kabourek, executive director of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

Following a welcome-home ceremony for service men and women in Santa Fe yesterday, Martinez did not take any questions from the media, despite multiple attempts by local media to ask her about the latest developments.

“New details are coming out every day — from the fact that taxpayer dollars covered the cost of the lavish party to the fact that law enforcement thought the governor was intoxicated,” Kabourek said. “Yet, it’s been five days since Gov. Martinez has spoken to the public through the media about this fiasco. New Mexicans are waiting for answers.”

Kabourek said that the governor’s silence on the controversial 911 calls is part of a pattern of not talking about difficult issues. “What did the governor have to say about Dianna Duran? Nothing. What did the governor have to say about the Taxation and Revenue Department scandal? Nothing. And what does she have to say now for her abusing power and bullying law enforcement? Nothing,” Kabourek said. “This pattern of hiding from difficult issues has not served New Mexico. We’re last in job creation, last in education and first in poverty. It’s time for Gov. Martinez to start talking. New Mexicans are still waiting for ‘bold change.’”