Brian Egolf: Governor Martinez Has Gone Too Far

New audio of Gov. Martinez confirms she did not tell the truth

New audio of Governor Susana Martinez at the Eldorado Hotel last weekend was released today. House Democratic Leader, Rep. Brian Egolf (D- Santa Fe) released the following statement.

“As the highest elected official in New Mexico, our governor is held to the highest standard in her conduct, her trustworthiness and in her responsible use of the power with which she is entrusted by the people.  When a governor so blatantly breaches the public’s trust, there may be no going back,” said House Democratic Leader, Rep. Brian Egolf (D – Santa Fe). “To be clear, this is not about the Governor enjoying a few too many at her holiday party. This is about her breathtaking lack of honesty and her appalling treatment of our law enforcement officers and the workers of the Eldorado Hotel.

Instead of taking responsibility for her action she fabricated stories. She blamed others and sought someone to punish, which has been her standard operating procedure since taking office.  Instead of admitting fault and asking for forgiveness, she intimidated law enforcement officers and the working people at the Eldorado Hotel.  Governor Martinez owes a personal apology to the 911 dispatcher, the law enforcement officers at the scene, the Eldorado hotel desk clerk, and the security guard that were working last weekend.  Every single worker deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. No one deserves to be bullied or intimidated – especially by their own Governor.”