New Tape Raises Doubts About Veracity of Gov’s Statements

DPNM: If She Misled Public About Beer Bottles & Snowballs, What Else May Not Be True?

After yet another audiotape of Gov. Susana Martinez interacting with law enforcement at a raucous, late-night party at the Eldorado Hotel was released Tuesday, the Democratic Party of New Mexico expressed concerns that the evidence on the tape directly contradicts the Governor’s previous statements about the party, and casts doubt on many other statements she’s made.

“If Gov. Martinez thinks it’s necessary to fabricate stories about snowballs and beer bottles, how can we trust her statements about the serious issues facing her administration?” asked Joe Kabourek, Democratic Party of New Mexico executive director.

“This is a question of integrity and trust. From Dianna Duran’s jail sentence to Jay McCleskey use of shell companies to line his own pockets, scandals under the Martinez Administration have shaken public trust to the core. New Mexicans deserve honest leaders who tell them the truth – no matter what.”

Kabourek added that ongoing concerns with the state’s economy were getting overlooked amid all the news of scandals and late-night parties. “The truth is that New Mexico is last in job creation, last in education and first in poverty,” Kabourek said. “We need a governor who is ready to face the truth – no matter how difficult – and work with integrity to improve our economy and support New Mexico’s future. Instead, we get tall tales about snowballs and beer bottles. New Mexicans deserve better.”