Feds Investigate Martinez’s History of Abuse of Power, Retaliation

911 Calls Not Isolated Incident; Part of Pattern of Misconduct

Even as 911 tapes of Gov. Susana Martinez abusing her power continued to make national and international headlines, news broke Sunday that concerns about Martinez’s misconduct stretch back to at least 2010, and one incident in particular is under federal investigation.

The Santa Fe New Mexican reported that a federal grand jury had subpoenaed documents related to Martinez’s alleged misuse of official staff and resources to track down the driver of an SUV that had an anti-Martinez political bumper sticker.

“What we are looking at is a pattern of behavior, stretching back for years, of Susana Martinez abusing her power and seeking out ways to use her authority to retaliate against anyone who disagrees with her,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico executive director Joe Kabourek. “From bullying police officers and 911 dispatchers to ordering inappropriate background checks on drivers with bumper stickers she didn’t like, this governor has repeatedly put herself above the law.”

Kabourek also cited an ongoing investigation of the New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department and allegations that Martinez and Sec. Demesia Padilla ordered unnecessary tax audits of Martinez’s political opponents.

“The evidence is clear: Gov. Susana Martinez has repeatedly used her office and abused the public’s trust for the sole purpose of retaliating against those who cross her – whether on the campaign trail or at a holiday party,” Kabourek said. “That’s not leadership. That’s small-minded vindictiveness that has distracted this governor from the real tasks at hand and has left New Mexico last in jobs, last in education and first in violent crime.”