DPNM: Martinez ‘Apology’ Misses Mark

Governor’s Behavior, not Her Staff’s, Should Be Focus of Contrition

After drawing national and international attention for her late-night abusive 911 phone call and attempts to bully police following a raucous party at a Santa Fe hotel last weekend, Gov. Susana Martinez on Friday focused her so-called apology on the behavior of her staff, which the Democratic Party of New Mexico says misses the entire point of the real unacceptable behavior that night.

“Gov. Susana Martinez is apologizing for her staff’s behavior?” asked Democratic Party of New Mexico executive director Joe Kabourek. “Gov. Martinez is the person who abused her power, tried to bully police officers and berated hotel staff and 911 dispatchers. Apologizing for her staff’s behavior is a desperate attempt to shift attention away from her own reprehensible behavior.”

The apology, issued Friday by Martinez, did mention, in the second paragraph, the governor’s actions, but did not provide an actual apology or admission of the severity of what she had done.

“After throwing her staff under the bus, Gov. Martinez labels her abuse of power simply as a ‘mistake’?” Kabourek asked. “Abusing power, bullying police and berating 911 dispatchers are not ‘mistakes.’ They are egregious, ugly acts that further undermine our state’s trust in its public officials. It’s that lost faith in our leaders that’s the real crime here. New Mexicans deserve better – and they deserve an apology that addresses what really went wrong at the Eldorado Hotel last weekend.”

Kabourek further said that Martinez’s behavior, while disturbing, was sadly part of a pattern in the way she and her administration have operated in the five years that she’s been in office.

“Unfortunately, this attitude of being above the law has been rampant in the Martinez Administration – from Dianna Duran violating state campaign laws to Martinez’s Taxation and Revenue Secretary trying to secure preferential treatment for her former client to her closest political adviser creating shell companies to launder campaign dollars. The pattern of corruption, scandal and abuse of power is clear,” Kabourek said