Martinez Takes Easy Way Out; Doesn’t Answer Real Question About Her Support for Trump

Democrats Still Calling on Gov. to Say if She Will Support Trump as Nominee

Although Gov. Susana Martinez jumped on the political bandwagon Tuesday and said that she did not support Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s latest outrageous plan to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, she still has yet to answer the real question: Does she plan to support Trump if he wins the Republican nomination?

“This isn’t about disavowing one or another of Donald Trump’s bigoted proposals,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Chair Debra Haaland. “It’s about standing up for New Mexico values now by refusing to support an out-of-touch fear-monger before he becomes the Republican Party’s nominee for president.”

Haaland cited not just Trump’s ban on Muslims but also his ongoing hate-filled statements about various communities as evidence that he does not represent New Mexico values.

“Donald Trump is out of touch with New Mexico values,” Haaland said. “He has called all Mexican immigrants rapists; he’s called for an all-out ban on Muslims visiting the United States; and he’s mocked Americans with disabilities. New Mexicans deserve an answer: Will their governor stand with Donald Trump if he wins the nomination?”

In recent months, the Martinez Administration has been plagued by scandals, which have caused New Mexicans to question whether the governor is really in touch with the state’s needs, Halaand said.

“Concern has grown rapidly that, like Donald Trump, Gov. Susana Martinez is out of touch with New Mexico values,” Haaland said. “Her Secretary of State resigned in disgrace after pleading guilty to criminal charges; her Taxation and Revenue Department Secretary is under investigation for abuse of power; and her closest political adviser is under FBI investigation for political fundraising irregularities. Those actions do not reflect New Mexico values of fairness, honesty and hard work.”

New Mexico Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez echoed similar concerns Tuesday when he compared Martinez’s divisive approach to the immigrant driver’s license issue in New Mexico to Trump’s scurrilous policy proposals.

“We’re family in New Mexico,” Sanchez told the Associated Press. “All this governor has done is try to divide us.”