Martinez Administration Scandals Take Toll on State Operations

New Mexico Named “Worst-Run” State Government in National Study

According to a national study posted by USA Today on Friday, New Mexico has the “worst-run” state government in the country.

New Mexico received its dead-last rating based on an objective assessment of the state’s unemployment, violent crime and population loss – all issues that the Martinez Administration has failed to address and has instead become mired in scandal, according to the Democratic Party of New Mexico.

“The Martinez Administration has failed New Mexico,” said DPNM executive director Joe Kabourek. “Instead of jobs, New Mexicans got scandals; instead of safe communities, New Mexicans got corruption; and instead of a growing economy, New Mexicans got false promises. Unfortunately, the Martinez Administration deserves to be called out as the worst-run state government in the country. The Martinez Administration is nothing more than a house of cards that’s falling down.”

The study, conducted annually by the financial news organization 24/7 Wall Street, had strong words for the condition of New Mexico’s state operations.

“New Mexico,” the study says, “is the worst-run state in the country with some of the worst social and economic outcomes.”

Kabourek places the blame for the dismal assessment with the Martinez Administration.

“Gov. Susana Martinez promised New Mexicans that she would move our state forward,” Kabourek said. “Instead she’s moved New Mexico straight to the bottom. While her Secretary of State gambled away campaign funds, her secretary of Taxation and Revenue abused her power, and her right-hand man set up shell companies to effectively launder campaign dollars, Gov. Susana Martinez left New Mexicans without jobs, without public safety and without a future in the state.”