Scandal Follows Martinez to RGA Event

Gov. Susana Martinez took her disgraced political adviser, Jay McCleskey with her to Las Vegas for the Republican Governors Association convention where she is expected today to be named chair of the RGA, despite the scandals eating away at her Administration. Jay McCleskey, whose fundraising practices on behalf of the governor are now under federal investigation,

According to The Albuquerque Journal, McCleskey, whose fundraising irregularities are the latest example of corruption in the Martinez Administration to be investigated, was by the Governor’s side yesterday as the RGA convention opened.

“Gov. Susana Martinez continues to ignore the scandals that are eating away at her Administration,” said Democratic Party of New Mexico Executive Director Joe Kabourek. “To keep Jay McCleskey by her side even as a federal grand jury considers indictments against him sends a message to New Mexicans that Susana Martinez is comfortable with scandal and corruption. New Mexicans have had enough. Her key political adviser, her secretary of state, her secretary of taxation and revenue – where does it stop?”

The following is a list of scandals within the Martinez Administration:

“It is unbelievable that the Republican Party would even consider Gov. Martinez to lead their governors given the scandals eating away at her Administration,” Kabourek said. “New Mexicans and Americans deserve more from their leaders.”