Gov. Martinez Talks Politics Daily with the Subject of Federal Investigation as New Mexico’s Economy Suffers

This week, Gov. Susana Martinez made her first public comments on the federal investigation focusing on her top political advisor, Jay McCleskey. Governor Martinez acknowledged that she talks to McCleskey “every single day” despite the ongoing investigation. Jay McCleskey has no official role with the Governor’s office. Additionally, the Governor is not currently engaged in a campaign for office.

“Under Gov. Martinez’ watch, New Mexico seemingly ranks near the top of all the bad economic lists and near the bottom of all the good ones. In her campaign for Governor, Gov. Martinez promised to create jobs by ending corruption. Governor Martinez has done neither, but still finds time every day to talk to her political consultant who is under federal investigation. Every minute she spends on the phone with her political advisor is a minute she’s not working to create jobs. Job creation should be the Governor’s highest priority, but New Mexicans continue to take a backseat to the Martinez-McCleskey political games,” said DPNM Executive Director Joe Kabourek.


In 2010, Governor Martinez, then a candidate for Governor, released a television ad stating that “Turning New Mexico around and creating jobs – it begins by ending corruption.” You can watch that ad here.

Since Governor Martinez has taken office, New Mexico’s economy is languishing in comparison to states throughout the country. Notable statistics include: