Governor Should Address Real Issues Within TRD and End Political Attacks

Today, the Democratic Party of New Mexico issued the following statement on the ongoing investigation into abuse of power in the Governor’s Taxation and Revenue Department:

“More information is coming to light about the abuses of power in the Governor’s Taxation and Revenue Department. Recently released emails show disturbing instances of the Secretary applying pressure to employees to protect herself from personal liability at the expense of New Mexican taxpayers. Moreover, these emails show TRD in violation of taxpayer confidentiality. Instead of addressing the real issues within the Department, Republicans have been focused on political cheap shots against Auditor Keller. It’s time for the Governor to set her politically-motivated attacks aside and ensure fairness for New Mexico’s taxpayers.”

The Secretary of the Taxation and Revenue Department, Demesia Padilla, is under investigation by the New Mexico Attorney General’s office for allegedly using her position to attempt to provide special treatment to a prior client of her accounting practice. Secretary Padilla is an appointee of the Governor. An email recently uncovered by the New Mexico Political Report confirms that Secretary Padilla desired to write an affidavit in support of her former client.