Google Announces Plans to Leave NM for Bay Area

Continues trend of job losses under Martinez Administration

Google’s Titan Aerospace announced yesterday (link to story) their intention on leaving New Mexico for the economic greener pastures of The Bay Area. The tech giant made the announcement just a year after purchasing the Moriarty based company, which produces solar powered drones.

“What this unfortunately demonstrates is this administration’s inability to attract and retain Fortune 500 companies or even local small businesses with promise or significant upside in New Mexico,” said Deb Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “The Governor pledged this partnership would bring 200 jobs to this rural community, but now it will be left with nothing. It will be the travesty of this administration if they continue to allow companies like this to find homes elsewhere, and in doing so, force our young people to follow them and the jobs to places like Denver and Silicon Valley.”

Under Governor Martinez, New Mexico’s job-growth is essentially unchanged, while we have seen the national figures stay consistent at about 2% growth per quarter since 2012, according to the Santa Fe Reporter. The article also states that, “In the past four years, the number of overall jobs in New Mexico’s smallest businesses – those made up of five employees or fewer – shrunk by 0.3%,” which in turn dropped New Mexico to 48th in the U.S. in growth for small business.

By comparison, New Mexico’s small businesses grew 2.3% from 2001-07, for a national ranking of 19th best in the country.

“New Mexican’s need a new plan and new ideas moving forward,” said Haaland. “It’s time for the Legislature and this Administration to take a hard look at what is and isn’t working for our communities, and make some decisions about what’s in the best interest for our kids and our families. There is no magic fix here; it’s going to take hard work and determination, and the Democrats are ready.”