GOP Levels Partisan Attacks Against Keller to Distract from Abuse of Power in Republican Administration

Today, the Albuquerque Journal covered conspiracy theories from the Republican Party about State Auditor Tim Keller’s track record of work for tribes in New Mexico. The Republican Party again attempted to distract the public from the legitimate investigation of Taxation and Revenue Secretary Padilla with misinformation and partisan attacks. Just recently, the Albuquerque Journal printed an opinion piece calling on the Governor to stop the partisan attacks and answer the real questions about abuse of power in the administration.

This smear campaign is being run by a Republican consultant who is hired to discredit Democrats. That’s what he does for a living – he isn’t interested in facts – he is simply interested in spreading misinformation through his political blog in the hopes that his lies will serve as a distraction. These unfounded accusations are the same old, regurgitated attacks dating back to 2011 they trot out every time Keller does his job as an elected official. They were baseless then and are baseless today.

Below is a statement from Democratic Party of New Mexico Vice-Chairman Juan Sanchez:

“The Governor’s administration has thrown everything but the kitchen sink at Auditor Keller, in obvious retaliation for the investigation of a cabinet secretary. The Republican Party is using partisan attacks to avoid answering the questions raised about their own meddling with tax returns.”

“As a state Senator, Keller worked hard to support Native American communities, and in his successful private business he helped tribal governments run better. Keller isn’t even a party to the lawsuit involving his old firm, and the implications by the GOP that somehow all tribes are the same and are easily manipulated by citizen legislators is insulting.”