Debra Haaland: Weekly Update

Dear Democrats,

I am writing this week with exciting news! I am extremely pleased to announce that our new Executive Director, Joe Kabourek, will be starting in the next couple of weeks. Joe ran a great Attorney General race in Colorado last cycle, is well-qualified, comes highly recommended from the Colorado Chairman Rick Palacio, and he passed through the ED Search Committee with flying colors. In the coming days we will put together events where Democrats can come and meet Joe and talk about their ideas for the Party, as well as opportunities to speak with Joe directly via conference calls for NM County Chairs.

I also wanted to let everyone know that we have been updating Votebuilder last week and will continue to update the voter file this week, so while service might be slow, when we finish we will have a much better database for our candidates and activists to use.

Thank you to everyone who came to our first Summer BBQ at Morningside Park last week! It was great to spend some time with our Democratic colleagues and neighbors, and I really enjoy the sense of building community as we organize to Win in 2016! Many thanks to our local candidates for joining us, as well as State Legislators – it was also an honor having Hon. James Lewis! Vice Chair Juan Sanchez and I attended the Mora Fiestas Parade on Saturday and fired up Mora County Dems provided an awesome home-cooked breakfast!

Finally, I’d like to encourage all of our counties to organize GOP Debate Watch Parties for August 6th. The Young Dems in Santa Fe have already scheduled their watch party, and I’d love for us to have them all across the state so our Democrats know what we are really going to up against in 2016. If you need any help scheduling your watch party, please contact Alonso at 505.830.3650 for additional information.

In your service,


Debra Haaland
DPNM State Chairwoman