Dem Chair Calls on CYFD to End DC Style Gridlock for Kids Well Being

‘Time for CYFD to Cut the Red Tape’

Democratic Party Chairwoman Deb Haaland called for the Children, Youth, and Families Department to address the issues the agency is facing by working with legislators that have reached out in efforts to fix the department. Haaland’s comments come on the heels of news reports that state legislators have had to ‘beg’ for information and data points that they think would help make the agency more efficient and be able to more effectively help children, especially foster kids.

Senator Michael Padilla was quoted in news reports last week saying “It’s almost comical that we can’t get this information. I mean, this is very, very important stuff here… Now, we’re having to practically beg the CYFD department to help get this information.” (Full story – click here)

“It is absolutely ridiculous that an elected official cannot get the records or information that they need to do their job,” said Haaland Monday. “Nothing should be taken more seriously than issues affecting our most vulnerable citizens, and nothing should be handled more promptly than ways to help our children. It’s time for CYFD to cut through the red tape, get the information to the people that requested it, and start fixing a department that has become a roadblock for our kids.”