Chairwoman Haaland Calls for Resignation of TRD Secretary Padilla

 Calls Actions Appalling, Disheartening

Today, Taxation and Revenue Department (TRD) Secretary Demesia Padilla was named in a document detailing alleged abuses of her position. The Secretary was appointed by Governor Martinez in 2011 and is entrusted to administer New Mexico’s tax laws fairly and impartially. The allegations against Padilla are based on hours of audio tapes recorded during meetings between high-level officials at TRD.

The allegations point to egregious abuses of power; including that Secretary Padilla used her official position to pressure TRD employees to give a sweetheart deal to a taxpayer, that these actions were planned out to protect the Secretary from blunders and mistakes she made in her previous work as an accountant for the taxpayer, that her actions cost the state revenue, and that multiple lower level employees lost their jobs for speaking up against her misconduct.

“As the agent responsible for securing revenue for the State of New Mexico, it is especially appalling and concerning that this office has sought loopholes to benefit themselves and former employers,” said Deb Haaland, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. “We must demand the highest standards of our public officials, and unfortunately for New Mexicans, Secretary Padilla has fallen short by using her office for personal gain. The responsible way to move forward is for her to submit her resignation to Governor Martinez so that the Tax and Revenue Department can begin to earn back the people’s trust.”

“Additionally, State Auditor Tim Keller has been an exemplary public servant and has done the right thing by taking action on a grave concern by a New Mexico taxpayer. It is disheartening that the Martinez Administration would immediately resort to character assassination and smear tactics