Debra Haaland: Weekly Update

Dear Democrats,

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable 4th of July weekend! Thank you to all of you who participated in parades across the state – as a presence for the Democratic Party of New Mexico! I was very happy to be at the Mescalero Apache Nation Parade and Ceremonial on Saturday, where I met up with CD2 Vice-Chair Stephen Jones, Otero County Chairwoman Nadia Sikes, and Denise Lang, also from Otero County. Thanks to Nadia, I was able to spread our Democratic message of unity and victory in 2016 on a local radio station right there at the parade grounds.

It is extremely gratifying to begin traveling to every county in New Mexico to meet personally with the dedicated and passionate members of the Democratic Party. As I promised during my campaign for Party Chair, I intend to visit every corner of our state to make sure we understand the issues and concerns that must be addressed on a regional, state and national level. I see my job as being your voice for our core values and the best interests of the working men and women of New Mexico.

The American people are on our side!

An overwhelming majority of voters of both parties think wealth inequality is something government must address, we support the expansion of wind, solar and other renewable energy technologies, we agree that something should be done to achieve racial equality and pay equality; we agree that family leave and child care are good for our economy, we want more federal investment in public transportation, support marriage equality, support a road to citizenship for immigrants and the list goes on.

The clear and focused communication of Democratic values that already match the will of the people will lead us to victory in 2016. Please consider a contribution today to help us get the word out. We have the right things to say. Thank you in advance for your support.

In your service,


Debra Haaland
DPNM State Chairwoman