Debra Haaland: Weekly Update

Dear Democrat,

There is a feeling of elation around New Mexico and the DPNM offices as we all celebrate a historic week for the principals of social justice, civil rights and the positive role of government. The Supreme Court rulings on the Affordable Care Act and marriage equality were affirmations of beliefs the Democratic Party has supported for many years. On a more sobering note, but no less significant, was the sudden and positive move towards removing a symbol of racism and oppression from the grounds of the capital grounds in South Carolina. These national developments represent a tremendous opportunity for us to seize even stronger momentum towards our goal of winning decisively in 2016 both nationally and here in New Mexico.

This past week I was able to attend the Eddy County Democrats BBQ in Loving, where, along with DPNM Vice Chair Juan Sanchez, as well as CD-2 Vice Chairs Stephanie Dubois and Stephen Jones, we were as heartened by the enthusiasm and commitment we witnessed during our visit. As I have traveled throughout the state over the past several weeks there is a growing confidence that we can strengthen our majority in the state Senate and regain a majority in the House next year.

This week I will be personally interviewing the finalists for the job of DPNM Executive Director. We are fortunate to have a great list of highly qualified, experienced men and women whose personal and professional commitment to the principles of the Democratic Party are all very impressive. I expect that we will make a selection and subsequently hire someone within the next couple of weeks.

If you have not already, I hope you will consider making a pledge to financially support our ongoing efforts to build a stronger organization as we approach the 2016 election. Whether a single donation or a monthly financial commitment any amount is sincerely recognized and appreciated.  Click here to lend your support to keep NM blue!

In Your Service,


Debra Haaland
Democratic Party of New Mexico