NM House Democrats Vote for Economic Opportunities for New Mexicans

Today, House Democrats voted for a package of legislation that will bring a more secure future to all New Mexicans. House Democrats stood strong and voted for bills that will create jobs and fund critical projects in our schools, for our seniors and help families and communities all across the state.

“This is a victory for all New Mexicans – regardless of political party affiliation,” said House Democratic Leader Brian Egolf. “When we work together for the good of every New Mexican, great things can happen. This package of legislation will positively impact the everyday lives of New Mexican families. We have been proud to fight for a more secure future for every New Mexican. We hope that our colleagues across the aisle will continue this work with us and not revert to partisan politics, as we saw in the 60-day session. Every New Mexican deserves a chance to get ahead, and these jobs will help many get one step closer to success.”

“These projects represent critical needs across the state of New Mexico for seniors, families, students, and local communities. On the final day of the legislative session, House Democrats stood united to ensure that projects for seniors, students and our Native communities would not be cut,” said House Democratic Whip Sheryl Williams Stapleton, “The legislation we passed today restored those cuts and will create jobs for New Mexico’s families.”

“The changes to the capital outlay package reflect the majority of positive changes that House Democrats have been championing since the 60-day session,” said Caucus Chair Rep. Patricia Roybal Caballero, “Our seniors, our students and our Native communities faced serious cuts to critical projects. This package restored those cuts, and now we can move forward with projects that will boost the health and security of our seniors, help our students learn in safe and modern classrooms, and improve the community facilities that New Mexicans families use every day.”

“I’m glad that we could come back to work to accomplish something that makes life better for New Mexicans every day. Today we invested in jobs and the future of our state,” said Representative Stephanie Garcia Richard.

“When it comes to jobs and investing in the infrastructure of New Mexico, we can’t let politics get in the way. Today we worked together to move New Mexico forward and help families – that’s the job we were elected to do.”

The legislation included $295 million in capital outlay projects in communities across the state, a little over $5 million in tax incentives for tech jobs, and special appropriations for the Department of Health and the courts.