Debra Haaland: Weekly Update

Dear Democrat,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a very happy Mother’s Day! I was able to spend a relaxing Sunday with my daughter Somáh after a week of hard work for our Democratic Party of New Mexico!

I’d like to thank our Federal Delegation, State Legislative leaders, and State-wide elected officials for coming forward in a time of peril for DPNM, and helping us right the boat and begin to move our Party forward! Their assistance, both financially and otherwise, has proved immeasurable in this time of transition, and I sincerely thank them for their service to our Party.

Our monthly sustained donor list continues to grow, and we are so grateful to have such wide support from all across New Mexico. To join this group of passionate Democrats, please click here to begin giving $5, $10, $25, or $50 per month today! While we’re talking about money, this past week, we switched compliance firms which will save DPNM $20,000 annually! Every penny counts!

We also set a date of September 12 for our next State Central Committee meeting, and we’ve begun the process of securing a venue and lodging for our members who will be in attendance, and our CD-1 Vice Chair Pamelya Herndon reached out to the DNC to let them know that New Mexico would be a great place to hold a Presidential Debate!

We are also thrilled to announce, thanks to our passionate Doña Ana County Democrats, that we have a fundraiser scheduled at the Pickett Law Firm in Las Cruces on Tuesday May 19th. Our entire Executive Team will be in attendance so we’ll have a chance to discuss next steps as we near election season. To RSVP, please click here.

Additionally, Vice Chairman Juan Sanchez and I have continued to travel to various county and labor meetings to discuss ideas and thoughts regarding the future of our State Party and our county parties. I had the privilege to address the Central Labor Council (CLC) and the New Mexico House Democratic Caucus, and I’m excited to speak with the EmergeNM women this Thursday morning at Joe with Meaux coffee! If you’d like to schedule any of our executive team for a meeting or a phone call, please call Alonso at 505-830-3650.

I am also pleased to announce that our search for an Executive Director is underway, as is our selection process for the varied committee appointments! It is a blessing to be such a big part of moving our Party forward, and I am thankful for the opportunity. If there is anything DPNM can do for you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or my staff. I am very proud of our staff – Jon, Rob, Alonso, and Scott, who have all pitched in and worked on a very smooth transition. We’re all here for you!

In your service,


Debra Haaland, DPNM State Chairwoman