Day 5: No Capital Outlay Bill for 2015—Thank Governor Martinez

$264 Million package died due to Governor’s failed leadership

It’s bad enough that New Mexico’s Governor has failed to create any jobs during the 1,522+ days she has been in office. Divisive wedge issues, blaming teachers and students for education failures and an obsession with destroying unions, while hurting working men and women, have all been part of this miserable administration.

Now, one of the few measures, passed each year that helps generate jobs and economic development, has failed to get legislative approval. The reason is simple and obvious: Governor Martinez and state Republicans didn’t want one a capital outlay package.

Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez: “As a special favor to the oil and gas industry — which is enormously profitable today and which also happens to be her biggest political donor — she gutted $80 million for urgent funding for the facilities that serve thousands of our low-income seniors across the state daily, and facilities that serve our children in public schools and our colleges and university students.”

Changes made by Republicans stripped funding from senior centers, universities, community colleges, Native American tribes and the courts.

Nice job Governor!

Now you can add the $264 million in unused capital outlay funds to the $4.5 billion that NM State Auditor Tim Keller discovered tied up in hundreds of state agencies.

What will it take to get Governor Martinez to do her job and use every tool she has to do it?

“Instead of knowingly sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars that could make an immediate impact, let’s get this money off the proverbial bench,” stated NM State Auditor Keller. “Let’s fill positions in state government and put more New Mexicans back to work.”

Yes. Right now.

That’s real leadership. Democrats are building a better future.