Day 4: Governor Martinez and State Republicans Obsess About Unions; Zero Jobs Created in Legislative Session

Minimum Wage increase fails because of GOP gimmicks

The number one issue in New Mexico is (lack of) jobs. For over 50 months—1522 days, Governor Martinez and state Republicans have done nothing to create jobs. Nothing.

Instead of bringing labor, business and government together to work for solutions, this Governor and the Republican Party have created one wedge issue after another, using every opportunity to divide New Mexicans. Leadership?

The top priorities for the Martinez administration are: destroy unions, make compromise a dirty word and blame Democrats for everything else. And suck up to national Republicans around the country. Anything but solve problems.

“What does it take for this Governor to provide leadership and create jobs? How many families have to suffer because of this Governor’s stubborn refusal to admit the problem and seek solutions? Democrats have offered ideas and solutions that are ignored and shoved aside. 22% of the state’s population lives in poverty and she’s worried about her next career move. Maybe she should stop screaming at legislators, take care of New Mexican families and just do her job,” said DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman.

Item: Unlike token Republican job bills, NM Senate Democrats have a solid plan that would create over 73,000 jobs, which is just the beginning. Real solutions for real jobs that will help reverse the mess that Governor Martinez has presided over in New Mexico.

Item: All four federal Democrats-Udall, Heinrich, Lujan and Lujan Grisham support a constitutional amendment to use a portion of state permanent fund to finance early childhood education. Another job creator.

Item: NM State Auditor Tim Keller discovers over $4.5 billion in funds appropriated but not spent, spread out over 737 different accounts. Why won’t Governor Martinez spend this money that would help spur economic development and create jobs?

Democrats, unlike Governor Martinez and House Republicans are ready, set and willing to create jobs and raise the minimum wage for New Mexican families.