DPNM Legislative Wrap-Up

Dems held line on Governor’s extreme partisan agenda

New Mexico Democrats began the 60 day session doing what Democrats always do: drafting and proposing common sense legislation that would help and benefit New Mexican families.
Governor Martinez and state Republicans had other ideas that revolved around divisive wedge issues, like right to work for less and anti-choice legislation, which served no purpose other than to divide New Mexicans and further the Governor’s national political career.

• $6.2 billion budget for coming year
• 22-year gambling compact between state and Indian tribes

• Right-to-work legislation
• Repeal of 2003 driver’s license law
• Anti-education social promotion
• Anti-choice legislation

• Minimum wage increase
• $264 Public Works package

Thanks to the do-nothing GOP House and our vindictive, stubborn Governor, numerous Democratic bills seeking to improve the lives of New Mexican families were pushed aside and defeated. Even on the last day, when several Democratic Senators went to inform her that the Senate had adjourned, Governor Martinez exploded and behaved in a hostile manner. “It had the feel of a dictator being thwarted,” commented Sen. Gerald Ortiz y Pino.

That’s how this Governor ended the 52nd legislative session—blame Democrats, throw a nasty tantrum at state senators, then fly off to Florida to pursue your next career. Nice.
Thanks to organized labor and all working men and women for standing up for New Mexican families and the next generation.

DPNM is building a better future.