5 Ways in which the Governor’s Attempts to Play Politics will Hurt New Mexico for Years to Come

Governor’s Partisan and Divisive Agenda During 60-Day Session Will Have a Long Lasting Effect on New Mexico Families

During the past 60-Day session, Governor Martinez made it clear that she was more interested in playing partisan politics than helping the people of New Mexico. While she tried to blame Democrats in the Legislature for her misguided agenda not succeeding, it is now time to shine some light on what really happened over the past 60 days. The Democratic Party of New Mexico will spend the next five days highlighting some of the divisive initiatives attempted by the Governor that will hurt working families for years to come.

Day 1: Right to Work for Less

There is little doubt that that top priority on the Governor’s agenda during this past legislative session was to pass a highly partisan piece of legislation aimed at destroying unions in New Mexico. Her “Right to Work for Less” initiative (if it had succeeded) would have clearly hurt the working people of our state. Numerous studies have showed that states that have implemented these types of initiatives have not only NOT helped generate new jobs, but in fact have cost existing workers fair salaries and benefits.

Governor Martinez attempted to pass Right to Work for Less legislation with two goals in mind:

1. Destroy organized labor in the state which would lead to less opposition of her other efforts including winning elections for her Party and herself

2. Increase her stature with Republicans nationally which would feed into her national ambitions

“Of all the harmful pieces of legislation that the Governor tried to pass this session, this one may have had the most devastating effect on our state,” stated DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman. “If the Governor wants to go after Democrats and increase her national standing with Republicans, she should bring the workers of New Mexico into that fight. While our state continues to suffer in many ways, the Governor only cares about her own political ambitions and has no problem hurting those people who are simply trying to get by and support their families.”

Due to the efforts of Democrats in both the House and Senate, the Governor was unsuccessful at passing her key legislative initiative. Where is a plan to create actual jobs for the people of our state? In comparison, Senate Democrats created their own jobs plan that would have created thousands of jobs immediately.

This is example one of how the Governor’s political agenda cost New Mexican families new opportunities for many years to come.