Governor Martinez:  First, violates state law for partisan schemes; next, allows personal campaign committees to accept over $120,000 from convicted domestic violence felon

Bitter and spiteful Governor will do anything to further national political career

Item: Over the past few days, Governor Martinez sent notices to numerous County Commissions instructing them to schedule “emergency” meetings so she could ram through a replacement Senator in SD39.  She sent out these notices with full understanding that NM Statute 10-51-1 F stipulates that the meetings should NOT take places without at least 72 hours’ notice.

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman:  “With critical bills involving worker’s rights, women’s rights, our education system and numerous others still being debated in the Senate, Governor Martinez clearly did not like how things were going for her and implemented a deceitful plan to give her an added advantage.”

Item:  Last week in a story by New Mexico In Depth which reported that Marcus Hiles, a Texas developer who donated $100,000 to Advance New Mexico Now and more than $20,000 from both him and his wife to the Gov.’s re-election campaign was convicted 2 years ago for domestic violence.

NM Senate Majority Leader Michael Sanchez: “Mr. Hiles was convicted two years ago for viciously attacking a woman.  Governor Martinez certainly would have known about this when she accepted his money for her re-election effort.  He was the largest single donor to her PAC, Advance New Mexico Now,” said Sen. Sanchez.  “One in four women experience violence in our country.  What kind of message does that send to the people of our state?”

The message that Governor Martinez is sending is simple—you don’ t have to follow laws you dislike and you don’t/won’t return money from anyone, no matter what crimes they have committed. And the money has been spent anyway.

There is a difference: Democrats are fighting for workers, for women, a world class education for our kids and for the rule of law that protects women and families from domestic violence.

Join the fight today for a better future for all New Mexicans.