NM House Republicans and Gov. Martinez ram ‘Right to work for less’ bill through State House

Goal: Destroy unions and working class in New Mexico

Governor Martinez and NM House Republicans continued their attack on working men and women by passing a ‘right to work for less’ bill through the state house last night. This bill, championed by business and wealthy interests does nothing to create jobs or improve the economy for New Mexicans.

The sole intent of the legislation is to weaken and destroy unions and working class New Mexicans as well as the strong support that labor unions offer to the poor and middle class.

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman: “This is a sad day for New Mexico. First Governor Martinez and state Republicans stand by and watch businesses fail and leave the state. Next, they stand and watch thousands of young New Mexicans flee the state because there are no jobs. Now, in an attempt to destroy unions and hurt the working class, they pass legislation that won’t produce any jobs but it will satisfy their wealthy, selfish business interests. Democrats will stop this legislation when it reaches the State Senate,” added Bregman.