Republicans Keep Playing Politics with New Mexico Worker’s Rights

Independent report shows that Right to Work law will hurt New Mexican workers

A major report written by the independent and non-partisan Economic Policy Institute, was released in New Mexico definitively proving that Right to Work laws not only do not create new jobs, they in fact hurt both union and non-union workers alike.

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman:

“The facts are clear…. a Right to Work law in New Mexico will hurt our working families. House Bill 75 was proposed with one goal in mind: hurt the Democratic Party. This is partisan politics at its worst. The tens of thousands of New Mexicans that will be hurt by the passage of this bill don’t care about Republicans or Democrats. They care about having enough money to to feed their families, and put their children through school. This bill will lead to lower wages and curtail benefits for union and non-union workers alike.

Governor Martinez and state Republicans hear this: if you want to go after the Democratic Party, keep your attacks focused on just the Party because hard working New Mexicans should never be used as leverage in a purely partisan political attack.”

House Bill 75, sponsored by Representative Dennis Roch (R-Logan) would devastate worker’s abilities to bargain for fair wages and benefits. It would cost New Mexico workers thousands of dollars in lost wages. While claiming that this legislation would help add new jobs and increase wages, this report provides evidence that clearly refutes these claims. The sole purpose of the bill is to hurt the Democratic Party and its supporters.