Aubrey Dunn and the Republican Party of New Mexico Still Trying to Disenfranchise Voters

Dunn and the RPNM resort to ​lie​s and ​ fear in order to try to influence the outcome of the Land Commissioner’s Race

In a message to supporters can only be considered as comical, candidate for State Land Commissioner, Aubrey Dunn, attempted to scare his supporters into giving him money by making outrageous and racist claims. The two most egregious claims were:

1. Ray Powell and the Democratic Party have “40 attorneys” working on the recount effort.

This is a patent lie without any basis in fact ​ and especially funny considering it has become clear that the Dunn Campaign is not only working with the Republican Party of New Mexico, but also the Secretary of State ​ an d Governor’s​ office as well. Their combined efforts are sure to keep many attorneys (including some paid with taxpayer dollars) very busy throughout this process.

2. Insinuating that the reason why the vote deficit has narrowed between Powell and Dunn is because of “illegal immigrants.”

Not only is this not possible, it is absolutely playing on the fears of others. The fact is that there were a high number of provisional ballots this election because there were widespread issues with voting machines throughout the state especially in areas where there were efforts to disenfranchise voters. In fact, as the Chief Executive in charge of voter registration, Secretary of State Dianna Duran should be well aware of these issues and could have taken action before the election to address these issues so that we would not have had so many provisional ballots.

The following is a statement from ​DPNM ​ Executive Director Jon Lipshutz ​regarding​ Aubrey Dunn’s message:

“I am not only angry that Mr. Dunn would make such claims about Commissioner Powell, I am not surprised either. This is yet another example of the Republican Party and their surrogates doing everything they can to continue to disenfranchise the voters of New Mexico. The RPNM, along with Aubrey Dunn and Secretary of State Diana Duran will do everything they can to ensure that the election goes their way ​ and that voters are kept in the dark about the accuracy of the vote tabulators ​,​ ​ even if it means violating state law and creating their own rules to influence the outcome. Commissioner Powell has never done anything except fight for the people and the lands of our state. Our efforts during this recount process are simply to ensure that every vote is counted and that the law is followed. We stand proudly with Commissioner Powell in this fight ​.​ ”

Currently, the recount process has been put on hold pending action taken by the New Mexico Supreme Court. The Powell campaign, with full support of the Democratic Party of New Mexico, is challenging the Canvassing Board’s rules for the recount which clearly run contrary to state statute ​ and the Secretary’s own regulations.​ The ​process​ put forth by the Canvassing Board w​as​ created by Secretary of State Diana Duran and signed off on by Governor Susana Martinez. The ​Acting ​Chief Justice of the Supreme Court refused to sign the order