Protecting the Right to Vote–Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Secretary of State

Until Dianna Duran took office and the Republican base started shrinking, the Office of the Secretary of State protected voting rights for each and every New Mexican.  That’s a big part of the job.

That changed on January 1, 2011.  Since then, Ms. Duran has used every opportunity to discourage, weaken and ensure that the constitutional right to vote be obstructed and blocked at any and every opportunity.

Secretary of State Duran’s miserable record:

Item:  initiated witch-hunt against immigrants and Hispanics during first months in office; attempted to purge thousands of Hispanics from voter rolls-64,000 names sent to NM state police in2011.  In 2014 she lies on a radio show, attempting to deny her actions.

Item:  hired right wing fanatic Rod Adair to oversee “public policy.” Translation?  Do everything possible to restrict voting and make process as difficult as possible

Item: intentionally delayed thousands of new voter registrations that have come from state MVD offices as part of the “Motor Voter” law, ignoring a 2010 court order issued after a settlement with the federal government.

Item:  June 3, 2014 election night, Duran and Adair made “mean and nasty” phone calls to 2 county clerks, displaying out-of-control pattern of arrogance and vindictiveness.

The right to vote is the basis of our constitution and our democracy. In New Mexico, this right is being compromised by an incompetent, partisan Secretary of State, Dianna Duran for the express purpose of restricting and denying New Mexicans the right to vote.

Make sure we protect the right to vote and elect Maggie Toulouse Oliver.  Contribute $10, $25 or $50 today.

Instead of being petty, mean and vindictive, Maggie Toulouse Oliver will make voting easier and more accessible for all New Mexicans.  The contrast is clear; the solution is easy.

Vote for Maggie Toulouse Oliver for Secretary of State on November 4.

DPNM is building a building a better future.