After First Debate Contrast Between Senator Tom Udall and Allen Weh Has Never Been Clearer

Pre-recorded debate airs Thursday at 7 p.m. on N.M. public television and radio

Tom Udall and Allen Weh’s first debate showed a clear contrast between Tom Udall’s record of standing up to get things done for New Mexico and Allen Weh’s radical agenda to benefit CEOs and millionaires like himself. The debate, which was pre-recorded today, will be broadcast at 7 p.m. Thursday on all public television and radio stations throughout New Mexico.

While Udall highlighted his work to protect New Mexico’s military bases and national labs, fight for equal pay for women, raise the minimum wage, and protect Social Security and Medicare, Weh demonstrated a lack of specifics and even basic knowledge about New Mexico families and how to work in the Senate to get things done for the state. Whether it was tax policy, growing New Mexico’s economy, improving child wellbeing, food stamps, or ensuring drought-stricken New Mexico communities have reliable access to water, Weh showed he is out of touch and has no answer on issues critical to New Mexico families.

Udall made it clear that he will continue to stand up to anyone to do what’s right for New Mexico.

“People in New Mexico face real challenges. I work every day to try to do what’s right for them,” Udall said. “I fight for our labs and bases and the small businesses that rely on them, for veterans, fair pay for women, and so middle class families can get ahead.”

“Weh proved that he is incapable of going beyond his talking points, and offered no specifics on the issues. He reinforced that all he stands for is looking out for millionaires and CEOs like himself,” said Udall Campaign Manager Dan Sena. “When you take a close look at Allen Weh’s statements, he stands for policies that would lead to deep cuts for Social Security, Medicare, and the labs and bases that are so important to New Mexico’s economy – in order to get tax cuts for the very wealthy.”

Among the contrasts voters will see when the debate airs tomorrow:

Udall is standing up to do what’s right for New Mexico: Whether it’s protecting funding for New Mexico’s national labs and military bases, standing up to the administration to help our veterans, or helping working families by pushing for an increase in the minimum wage or to protect Social Security and Medicare, Udall is working every day for New Mexico families.

Weh is backing an agenda that hurts New Mexico families while benefiting CEOs and millionaires like himself: Weh backs policies such as a flat tax and budgets that would slash funding for New Mexico’s labs and bases and their critical national security programs, cut the legs out from under Social Security and Medicare and devastate New Mexico families – all to give tax breaks to CEOs and millionaires like himself.

Weh’s policies are bad for New Mexico women: Not only does Weh want to abolish the minimum wage for single moms and other workers under age 26, he penned a news release blasting a proposed new law that would help women fight for equal pay in the workplace. Weh opposes allowing women to make their own health care choices – in fact, he supports allowing employers to make health care decisions for their workers, and he even wants to “void” (his words) health care that finally ensures women aren’t discriminated against by insurance companies.

At the conclusion of the debate, New Mexico voters will have a clear picture of what’s at stake in this election – and which candidate represents them. Udall is standing up for New Mexico every day. Millionaire CEO Allen Weh is out to help himself.