DPNM Files Two New Public Records Requests Seeking Missing Martinez Emails

Today, DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman filed two additional public records requests for written correspondence between then-District Attorney and Gubernatorial candidate Susana Martinez, her campaign staff and the Third Judicial District Attorney’s office in 2009 and/or 2010.

The new requests are to the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office and the Administrative Office of the District Attorneys, which maintains emails archived for New Mexico’s DA offices.

In May, the New Mexico Democratic Party filed a public records request to the Third Judicial District Attorney’s office following a report that Martinez’s 2010 campaign utilized her DA’s office for overtly political purposes, potentially in violation of the law.

After a months-long investigation, the Third Judicial District’s office could not produce the relevant emails because they had either been deleted or destroyed, potentially in violation of state protocols.

DPNM Chairman Sam Bregman released the following statement on today’s public records request:

“New Mexicans deserve better – we deserve the truth from Susana Martinez and her allies. This is what we know: that as DA, Martinez misused her office to help her campaign. We also know that important documents have mysteriously gone missing. What we don’t know is how much public resources Martinez diverted from the DA’s office to her campaign.”

The letters are available for download here:

IPRA Request of October 28 to the Third Judicial District Attorney’s Office

IPRA Request of October 29 to the New Mexico Administrative Office of District Attorneys