House Majority Whip Antonio Maestas Exposes The Real Voter Fraud in New Mexico: Republican Johnny Luevano

Today, New Mexico House Majority Whip Antonio “Moe” Maestas released two new ads exposing the real voter fraud in New Mexico: Republican House District 16 candidate Johnny Luevano, Jr. While Republicans from Washington D.C. to Santa Fe invent voter fraud hysteria, the reality is that Republican Johnny Luevano is the real voter fraud deal… a fraud who lied under oath. In April 2011, Luevano registered to vote at a vacant lot and then voted in the October 2011 city election from that vacant lot. Even worse, Luevano lied under oath signing his name attesting that the vacant lot was where he lived when he declared to live on the Westside when he tried to run in 2012. Luevano’s fraud was so blatant that a district court judge kicked him off the ballot in 2012 when it was shown he tried to run for office in a district where he didn’t live.

“While my opponent Mr. Luevano, the handpicked candidate of the Republican right-wing machine, recklessly lies to Westside voters and commits voter fraud, I am busy fighting for better Westside schools, roads, jobs, public safety and representation in the Legislature. Republicans love to create hysteria around voter fraud, but it’s so rare it literally makes Johnny Luevano’s offenses one in a million. The Westside just can’t afford his odds and they certainly can’t afford Mr. Luevano’s reckless and fraudulent behavior. We have too much work to continue to do to together to keep the Westside moving forward.”


Click here for a video documenting Johnny Luevano’s voter fraud.