Elect Former Sheriff Manny Gonzales For Bernalillo County Sheriff

GOP challenger Baird seriously compromised with multiple, personal ethics issues

In what appears to be the norm for many Republican candidates, GOP Bernalillo County Sheriff nominee Scott Baird is facing multiple ethics issues, showing a reckless and embarrassing pattern that clearly disqualifies him from being elected Sheriff of Bernalillo County.

Item: 3 DWI convictions, six arrest warrants, and a recent $65,000.00 dollar settlement for Sexual Harassment.

Item: suspended from Bern Co Sheriff’s Dept for violating rights of female deputy.

Item: lied in an EEOC interview (2012) that he never saw Sheriff Houston mistreat female employees.

Now (2014) Scott Baird wants the Sheriff’s job and says he did see mistreatment.

This is behavior we do NOT expect from any of our candidates or elected officials – ESPECIALLY THE TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER IN NEW MEXICO’S LARGEST COUNTY.

How can Republican Scott Baird protect our safety when he’s always in trouble and can’t fix his own problems?

Enough. Scott Baird is the wrong choice for Sheriff and cannot be trusted.

Manny Gonzales has been Sheriff and is ready to step in on day one. Plus, he has the background, experience, trust and integrity to represent Bernalillo County.

The choice is clear: vote on November 4th for Manny Gonzales, Bernalillo County Sheriff.